Store addresses 

We do not have our own offline store, but we have partners selling our products:

Kaliningrad region 

Kaliningrad, Prospect Mira 31 - "Viccy",
Zelenogradsk, Kurortny pr. 14 - "Empire of Amber"

Khrabrovo Airport - "Empire of Amber"
Svetlogorsk, Lenina 17a - "Elephant"
Amber, Soviet 61M - "Gallery of Masters"

Czech Republic, Prague:
Germany / Passau:

* These stores are not owned by I.P. Strelnik A.A. We do not have information about opening hours, assortment, exact location of stores. The assortment and prices may differ in each store. The promotions and discounts announced by us are valid only in our online store, partners may have their own loyalty systems.